OFMDFM is committed to building a society in which racial equality and diversity is supported, understood, valued and respected, where people of minority ethnic backgrounds have a sense of belonging which is acknowledged and valued by people from all backgrounds.

Racial Equality Strategy 2015 - 2025

The Racial Equality Strategy 2015 - 2025 establishes a framework for government departments (and others) to tackle racial inequalities, to eradicate racism and hate crime and along with Together: Building a United Community, to promote good race relations and social cohesion.

Racial Equality Strategy consultation document

The First Minister and deputy First Minister launched the new Racial Equality Strategy for consultation on 19 June 2014. The proposals were developed with minority ethnic representative groups and representatives of the wider community through our Racial Equality Panel.

The public consultation exercise ended on the 10 October 2014. You can still download the draft Racial Equality Strategy consultation document at the link below:

Measuring progress of the Racial Equality Strategy 2015 – 2025

To monitor the success of the Racial Equality Strategy, OFMDFM, in conjunction with an expert advisory group, developed a draft set of racial equality indicators for consultation. This consultation looked specifically looking at the racial equality indicators and ran concurrently with the main Racial Equality Strategy consultation.

The indicators take into account the shared aims and objectives of the forthcoming Racial Equality Strategy and measure progress under a set of four key strategic priorities:

  • the equality of service provision (including health, education, housing, employment, learning and sport)
  • combating prejudice, racism and hate crime
  • participation, representation and belonging
  • respecting cultural diversity

The public consultation exercise ended on the 10 October 2014. You can still access the consultation document at the link below.

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Minority Ethnic Development Fund

The Minority Ethnic Development Fund (MEDF) provides support for voluntary and community organisations working with minority ethnic people and groups to promote good relations.

Applications to the fund for 2015/16 are currently being considered.

The 2015-16 fund

The aim of the fund is to assist minority ethnic and local community organisations to promote good relations between people of different ethnic backgrounds.

In line with the recommendations made by the evaluation of the fund, the three tier funding approach will be continued.

Tier 1

Entry level/Pathfinder MEDF – This may include volunteer led groups/relationship building. It will also include project funding. Funding of between £100 - £10,000.

Tier 2

Standard MEDF - This may include self help groups (which employ staff) and advocacy organisations which provide a level of service and integration activities. Funding of between £10,000 - £45,000 for one year.

Tier 3

High level MEDF - This includes large scale service provision for departments and a number of large scale integration activities. It will also include a mentoring role with smaller organisations, therefore facilitating collaborative joined up approach. Funding of between £45,000 - £75,000 for one year.

Information drop-in clinics

A number of information drop-in clinics were held in the week commencing 13 April 2015. The accompanying Microsoft Powerpoint presentation can be accessed via the link below:

Racial Equality Strategy 2005-2010

A Racial Equality Strategy was published in July 2005. The strategy set out a framework for government and all sections of civil society in Northern Ireland for the creation of a community where racism, in any of its forms, is not tolerated and where all people enjoy equality of opportunity and equal protection.

You can access the strategy and related publications via the link below:

Related publications and legislation

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