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Our role is to raise awareness of, and co-ordinate activity on, issues affecting victims of the troubles across the devolved administration and throughout Northern Ireland in general.

Latest news

Review of the Commission for Victims and Survivors

The Department is obligated to conduct efficiency and effectiveness reviews of its ALBs, usually on a three year basis.
The purpose of the review is to determine the effectiveness and the efficiency of the Commission to date and will recommend options for enhancing the performance. The scope will involve interviews with Commission staff, key sectoral stakeholders, statutory sector colleagues and victims and survivors, both groups and individuals.
Download the review at the link below:

Establishment of a new Victims and Survivors Service – work in progress

Work is progressing within OFMDFM to establish a new Victims and Survivors Service. The new service will provide support for all victims and survivors; those who belong to victims groups and those who do not. OFMDFM’s aim is to establish a service that will listen and be responsive to the needs of victims and survivors. Support will be provided to victims and survivors based on identified and agreed need.
The following key principles will apply to the new service:
  • Better co-ordination of funding;
  • Clearer links between support provided and actual needs;
  • More efficient use of resources;
  • Sustainability;
  • To make use of and improve upon good practice in the sector;
  • To obtain better information on outputs;
  • To collate information on individual needs; and
  • Better evaluation of service provided.

Work to date

A steering group has been set up to provide advice and guidance to OFMDFM on the design and implementation of the Victims and Survivors Service. It is made up of representatives from the victims and survivors sector, DHSSPS, DSD and is chaired by a senior official from OFMDFM.

Working groups

There will be seven working groups in total brought together to design the various elements of the service. They will consider the following issues:
  • Individual Assessments;
  • Organisational Structure;
  • Standards;
  • Service Delivery;
  • Management Information Systems;
  • Communications; and
  • Victims Groups Interaction.
Two working groups have already been established; the individual assessment and management information systems working groups. These working groups are made up of people that have the relevant skills and experience to contribute to the objectives of the group. Some members of the working groups are from within the victims sector. Other working groups will be set up to design different aspects of the Service as the work progresses.


A communications strategy has been agreed for the project.
Updates on progress will be provided via this page on OFMDFM’s website.
We will also communicate informally with the sector through their representation on the working groups and via our normal channels of communication through CRC and the NIMF.
Press releases will be issued by OFMDFM as and when it is appropriate. Individuals can also contact members of the project team directly for an update, contact details provided below.

Upcoming work

Over the next few months we hope that the individual assessment and management information systems working groups will continue to make good progress. The service delivery and standards working groups will also be established and start to take forward their strands of work. By the end of the year it is anticipated that the design of the Service will start to take shape and the implementation can them commence.

Timescale for establishment

A two year timeframe for the establishment of the Service has been agreed. A phased introduction to the new Service will be adopted with individual assessments coming first during 2011 followed by victims groups interaction in 2012. This timeframe is in line with our agreed transitional funding arrangements.


Contact details

For media enquiries contact OFMDFM Press Office on 028 9052 1375. Out of office hours contact the Duty Press Officer via pager number 07699 715 440 and your call will be returned.

Project team:

  • Kellie Service: 028 9052 2343
  • Sinead Brown: 028 9052 3124