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Below are some documents and publications relating to work which has been done on victims’ issues.
Victims Unit March 2005
Victims Unit - April 2004
Victims Unit - January 2004
Paul Connolly - University of Ulster, May 2003
Victims Unit - April 2003
Victims Unit - September 2002
Victims Unit - April 2002
Victims Unit - April 2002
Victims Unit - January 2002.
Deloitte and Touche - October 2001
Victims Unit - October 2001
Victims Unit - August 2001
Report of the Northern Ireland Victims Commissioner, Sir Kenneth Bloomfield KCB (April 1998).
A report to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland by the review team - Sir Kenneth Bloomfield, Mrs Marion Gibson and Professor Desmond Greer (June 1999).
The Cost of the Troubles Study (January 1999).
Social Services Inspectorate (March 1998).