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Legislation and the Assembly

  • Introduction to the AssemblyPrior to a Bill being introduced to the Assembly there are a considerable number of steps which have to be undertaken to ensure that the legislation achieves the intended outcome.
  • Reform of the Northern Ireland Assembly OmbudsmanThe Ombudsman is completely independent of the Assembly, the Executive, and of the government departments and public bodies that the office can investigate. The authority of the Ombudsman is derived from a royal warrant, reporting to the Northern Ireland Assembly.
  • The Northern Ireland ExecutiveThe Executive Division provides support and guidance for all the functions of the Executive, including Executive and Ministerial business in the Assembly in particular, legislation.
  • Executive's Legislative ProgrammeA proposal for a new law (either from a Minister in the Executive, an Assembly Committee or an individual Member of the Assembly) is called a Bill.  You will often hear of a Bill being referred to as a piece of "Legislation" or “Primary Legislation”.
  • Former Executive's ProgrammeThere were 22 Executive Bills before the Assembly when it was suspended on 14 October 2002.