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A strategy to improve the lives of people with disabilities - 2012 to 2015

People with disabilities are an important and valuable section of our community and represent almost one in four of the population. The Executive is committed to delivering equality, tacking social exclusion and ensuring people with disabilities are given fair and equal access to support and services.

Our commitment

In the Executive’s Programme for Government (PFG) 2011-2015 we set out our intention to deliver a range of measures to tackle social exclusion through the Delivering Social Change Framework.
We acknowledged our responsibilities to deliver the commitments in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and we committed to measuring the impact of our efforts on longer term trends.
The Executive is committed to addressing and removing those obstacles and to ensuring that people with disabilities have equality of opportunity and equality of treatment that those without a disability enjoy.

Our strategy

The Executive's strategy acknowledges that people with disabilities deserve to be treated equally alongside those without disabilities. This Strategy acknowledges that women and children especially face particular challenges and have needs which have previously been overlooked.
The purpose of the Strategy is to:
  • Set out a high level policy framework to give coherence and guidance to Northern Ireland Departments’ activities across general and disability specific areas of policy,
  • Drive improved performance of service delivery leading to improved outcomes for persons with a disability,
  • Increase the understanding and importance of the needs of persons with a disability and ensure these needs are recognised when policy is developed or when implementing initiatives which impact on disabled people; and
  • Improve the opportunities
You can download the strategy using the links below:
Alternative formats of the Strategy can be made available on request and you should forward any such requests to the contact points detailed below.
Telephone: 028 90 523194
Fax: 028 90 523272
Text Phone: 028 90 522526
Writing to:
Poverty, Social Inclusion, Disability Branch
Room E3.19 Castle Buildings
Stormont Estate
Belfast  BT4 3SL

Consultation on a disability strategy entitled 'A strategy to improve the lives of disabled people – 2012 to 2015'

In March 2012, the Executive published the draft strategy entitled 'A strategy to improve the lives of disabled people – 2012 to 2015' for consultation.
You can access the consultation documents in various formats, using the link below.

Analysis of responses to the consultation on ‘A Strategy to improve the lives of disabled people’ 2012 – 2015’

An analysis of the consultation responses on the draft strategy is available to download using the link below.