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Delivering Social Change

Delivering Social Change is a framework that seeks to co-ordinate key actions across Government Departments to take forward work on priority social policy areas.
  • Delivering Social Change - IntroductionThe Delivering Social Change framework was set up by the Northern Ireland Executive to tackle poverty and social exclusion. It represents a new level of joined-up working by Ministers and senior officials across Executive departments to drive through initiatives which have a genuine impact on the ground.
  • Delivering Social Change Signature ProgrammesThe six initial Signature Programmes were set up to improve literacy and numeracy levels, offer increased family support and to support job creation within local communities - all of which were identified as being key priorities. A seventh Signature Programme seeks to enhance play and leisure opportunities for children and young people whilst a further three Signature Programmes are aiming to deliver dementia services, early intervention services and expand the shared education system.
  • Delivering Social Change for Children and Young PeopleDelivering Social Change for Children and Young People will provide an integrated policy framework encompassing policy on children and young people, including child poverty and children’s rights.
  • Social Investment FundThe Social Investment Fund (SIF) was set up to deliver social change. It aims to make life better for people living in targeted areas by reducing poverty, unemployment and physical deterioration. The fund will run until March 2016 and has been allocated £80 million by the Northern Ireland Executive.