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Children and young people

This department is responsible for policy development affecting children and young people.

Ten year strategy for children and young people in Northern Ireland 2006-2016

The strategy includes strategic goals in key areas affecting children and young people  It takes into account the role of parents and families. Access the main strategy below:
Work is currently underway to develop the new, post-2016, strategy.

Play and leisure policy

The right to play and leisure is an intrinsic entitlement of childhood (Article 31, UNCRC). Play is a natural and universal drive in childhood. It is an essential element and contributory factor to supporting children’s physical and emotional well-being, growth, learning and development. Play can support children’s creativity and cultural awareness. Play can be structured, non-structured, formal and non–formal. Through play children explore the world around them and learn to take responsibility for their own choices.
This policy aims to place high value on play and leisure as an essential element in the development of children's lives, families, communities and society.
The play and leisure policy takes into account the goals of the ten-year strategy (above). It will contribute to the delivery of many of our strategic aims, particularly those which relate to improved health and achievement outcomes.

Play and Leisure Implementation Plan

The Play and Leisure Implementation Plan aims to see a high value placed on play and improved play and leisure facilities for all children and young people in order to support their development, enjoyment and growth. The plan was published in 2011.

Ministerial Sub Committee on Children and Young people

The Executive’s Ministerial Sub-Committee on Children and Young People is one of those leading on the Delivering Social Change programme of work. For further information please access the Delivering Social Change web page.

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Children and Young People
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