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Equality and Strategy

Equality and Strategy Directorate is responsible for developing and monitoring the Programme for Government, for providing economic advice and for a range of cross-cutting issues and initiatives to address equality, good relations, deprivation and social exclusion.

Equality and Strategy Directorate

The Directorate takes this forward through a comprehensive new delivery framework, Delivering Social Change framework (DSC). Delivering Social Change has been designed to deliver a range of commitments in the Programme for Government which seek to address deprivation and social exclusion. The DSC aims to deliver the following two outcomes:
  • a sustained reduction in poverty and associated issues, across all ages; and
  • an improvement in children and young people’s health, wellbeing and life opportunities thereby breaking the long-term cycle of multi-generational problems.
More information on the Delivering Social Change Framework can be found here.
A major part of the DSC work falls to the Equality and Strategy Directorate; you can access policy and strategy information from the themes below.