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About Strategic Investment, Regeneration and International Relations Division

The Strategic Investment, Regeneration and International Relations Division has responsibility for ILEX and Strategic Investment Board, the Investment Strategy for NI, strategic planning for NI's infrastructure investment and facilitating the regeneration of the Maze/Long Kesh, Ebrington and Magherafelt sites.

The Strategic Investment and Regeneration Division

This Division provides advice to Ministers and Departments on infrastructure investment. It also manages the development of a small number of key security sites and the Maze/Long Kesh site to facilitate a programme of economic renewal. The Division also has an oversight role in the regeneration of the Derry City Council area through the co-ownership, with DSD, of the ILEX Urban Renegeration Company Ltd. It is also responsible for advising Ministers on policy relating to the Investment Strategy for Northern Ireland and Public Private Partnerships, in conjunction with the Department of Finance & Personnel and for oversight and monitoring of the Strategic Investment Board.
Branches within the Strategic Investment and Regeneration Division are as follows:

Strategic Investment Unit (SIU)

SIU was established to advise Ministers on the development and co-ordination of PPP policy and to monitor and evaluate its implementation. SIU carries out its work in conjunction with the finance and procurement teams in the Department of Finance and Personnel and supports the work of the Strategic Investment Board.
The unit is responsible for:
  • Providing advice to Ministers on the development and co-ordination of Public Private Partnership (PPP).
  • The oversight and monitoring of the Strategic Investment Board (SIB) The SIB is a company limited by guarantee, wholly owned by the OFMDFM. It was created to provide a centre of excellence and expertise in project development, project management and procurement and provide guidance and support NI Departments on the appropriate use of PPP projects.

Investment Strategy for Northern Ireland

We have responsibility, along with SIB, for co-ordination of the Executive’s Investment Strategy Implementation.
The current Strategy is 'The Investment Strategy for Northern Ireland 2011 – 2021', which you can view via the Strategic Investment Board website.
A report on progress with implementation of the Investment Strategy 2011 – 2021 is available below:

Public Private Partnership

We have responsibility, in conjunction with the Department of Finance and Personnel, for the development and co-ordination of Public Private Partnership (PPP) policy in the public sector in Northern Ireland and the evaluation of its implementation.
Working with government departments and the Strategic Investment Board, we aim to develop knowledge and skills and identify new PPP models required to deliver the investment in the Northern Ireland infrastructure.
HM Treasury collects and collates information on Private Finance Initiative (PFI – a type of PPP) contracts from across the UK The information published by HM Treasury for 2013/14 is available below:
Data on PFI commitments for NI Departments and their ALB’s as of 31 March 2014 is available below:
Some commentary on the data is also available below:
This data has been supplied by the relevant departments and their Arms Length Bodies. Any specific queries in relation to individual projects should be addressed to the relevant department. General queries please email:

Regeneration of Sites

In May 2002, the Reinvestment and Reform Initiative was launched by the then Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer and the First Minister and deputy First Minister. This groundbreaking initiative was intended to provide a new momentum for social and economic regeneration in Northern Ireland.
As part of the initiative, the Government agreed to transfer to the Executive, without charge, a number of former security sites, namely Crumlin Road Gaol, security bases at Malone Road, Belfast and Magherafelt; Ebrington Barracks in Londonderry; and the Maze Prison/Long Kesh site, near Lisburn. The Maze/Long Kesh site is uniquely significant in this regeneration programme.

International Relations

Strategic Aim

To enhance our international message and develop mutually beneficial relationships with targeted countries, regions and organisations to secure investment, trade, tourism, students and to exchange knowledge and expertise.


Under the devolution legislation, international relations and relations with the EU remain the responsibility for the UK Government. However, it is recognised that the devolved administrations will have an interest in international policy making in relation to devolved powers.
Under the Belfast Agreement the duties of the First Minister and deputy First Minister include co-ordinating the work of the Executive Committee and the response of the Northern Ireland administration to external relationships.

Inward Visits

At home Ministers continue to meet with visiting foreign diplomats, politicians and key decision makers as part of the Department’s strategic inward visit programme.
In 2013, International Relations Branch facilitated over 32 international visits to Northern Ireland including the Ambassadors of Japan, Russia, Cuba and Brazil; the President of Kurdistan; and the High Commissioners of Australia and India respectively.

Outward Visits

During 2013, FM and dFM visited the USA, Brazil, China and Japan.
Ministers' international visits are targeted at initiating government to government relations and/or maintaining and enhancing relations. The objective is to raise the profile of Northern Ireland and promote the priorities of the Executive's Programme for Government. This will also lead to other Ministerial visits on issues specific to their portfolios.
You can access the Executive's International Relations Strategy at the link below.

Bodies sponsored by this Directorate include:

Reinvestment and Reform Initiative

The Reinvestment and Reform Initiative (RRI) was designed to address the major deficit in infrastructure and to modernise key services. The Initiative targets services such as water, health, transport and education and intends to reverse the damage caused to Northern Ireland’s public services by 30 years of focus on security issues.
Further information on the Strategic Investment Board can be found on their website. You can also view press releases and speeches related to RRI.

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