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Delivering Social Change Signature Programmes

The Signature Programmes were set up to improve literacy and numeracy levels, offer increased family support and to support job creation within local communities - all of which were identified as being key priorities.

Signature Programmes

Following a trawl of existing examples of good practice, in October 2012 the First Minister and deputy First Minister announced the development of six Signature Programmes under the Delivering Social Change framework as follows:
Further information on these Signature Programmes can be accessed from the above links.

How were the Signature Programmes chosen?

In consultation with stakeholders in 2012 the Children and Young Persons Early Action document was developed. This document identified key priorities to be taken forward under the Delivering Social Change Framework. The key priorities identified were Early Years and Early Interventions, Literacy and Numeracy, Transitions, Integrated Delivery and Joined-Up Planning and Commissioning.
You can view the Early Action Paper by clicking on the link below.

Play and Leisure Signature Programme

On 8th October 2013, Junior Ministers Jonathan Bell and Jennifer McCann announced a £1.6million investment to enhance play and leisure opportunities for children and young people. This funding will be provided under the Delivering Social Change framework and will support initiatives in championing play, greater local access to space for play; and planning and support for play at a community level.

Future Signature Programmes

A range of possible future initiatives are currently under consideration.