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North / South

The North/South Ministerial Council (NSMC) was established on 2 December 1999 arising from Strand Two of the Agreement reached in the Multi-Party Negotiations in Belfast on Good Friday, 10 April 1998.

About the NSMC

It brings together Ministers from the Northern Ireland Executive and the Irish Government, to develop consultation, co-operation and action within the island of Ireland on matters of mutual interest. In Northern Ireland the NSMC operates within the legislative framework of the Northern Ireland Act 1998external website , as amended by the Northern Ireland St Andrews Agreement Act 2006external website
The NSMC oversees the work of 12 Areas for Co-operation. The North/South Implementation Bodies Northern Ireland Order 1999external website gave domestic effect to the establishment of six North/South Implementation Bodies.

Organisational structure of the Joint Secretariat

The Council is supported by a Joint Secretariat in Armagh staffed by personnel from OFMDFM and the Irish Civil Service.
The Joint Secretary (North) of the North South Ministerial Council Joint Secretariat is Colm Shannon, a senior OFMDFM official. A total of 12 OFMDFM staff are employed in the Joint Secretariat.

Annual reports

The latest annual report can be downloaded from the link below.
Irish and Ulster Scots versions are also available at the link below.

More information...

For more information on the work of the Joint Secretariat, the six North/South Implementation Bodies, the six Areas of Co-operation and relevant contact details please visit the NSMC website.