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European Priorities

The European Priorities set out how the Executive will work to strengthen European engagement, to realise fully the opportunities which the European Union presents, to influence and shape future policy and build our positive profile.

Our priorities in Europe for 2014-15

The Executive's European Priorities 2014-15 were agreed on 6 November 2014 and is available to download at the link below.
The Executive also agreed its European Priorities 2014-15 Mid-Year Progress Report on 20 November and is available to download at the link below.
We have sought to align our priorities with the European Commission’s Legislative and Work Programme and the Europe 2020 Strategy, which provide a strategic framework to help shape and focus our approach.
The 2014-15 Statement of European Priorities details strategic, cross-cutting objectives to focus our European engagement for the year ahead.  It contains a vision for better engaging with Europe supported by three strategic aims: to promote our interests; raise our positive profile in Europe; and encourage greater participation in European matters.
The priorities focus on the most vital indicators, tracking overall progress towards the Executive’s strategic aims. They were developed by three cross-sectoral thematic groups on:
  • Economy
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Social
The European Priorities were developed with reference to the Balanced Scorecard methodology to provide a ‘balanced’ set of vital objectives navigating the Executive to success in Europe.

European Priorities 2013-14

The Executive agreed its European Priorities 2013-14 End of Year Implementation Report on 6 November 2014. The Report is available to downlaod at the link below.
The Executive’s European Priorities 2013-14 and Mid-Year Progress Report are also available to download below.

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