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The Lisbon Treaty

The Lisbon Treaty came into force on 1 December 2009.

The Lisbon Treaty (European Union Reform Treaty)

It amends and renames the Treaty on the European Union and the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union.  From its entry into force the European Community ceased to exist and was superseded by the European Union.
The Treaty brought in some important changes in the functioning of the European Union.  
For more information on the Lisbon Treaty and its implications for Northern Ireland please see the following links:

History of the Treaty

Political agreement on the Reform Treaty was reached between European Union Heads of State and Government on 19 October 2007 and the Treaty was signed on 13 December 2007.  However, its ratification sparked debate across the Union and the Treaty did not come into force until late 2009.
Although the Northern Ireland Assembly voted on 8 October 2007 to lobby the UK Government for a referendum on the EU Reform Treaty, no referendum took place. To access the Assembly debate Hansard text see the link below.