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The British Irish Council
The British-Irish Council was established to ‘promote the harmonious and mutually beneficial development of relationships among the peoples of the United Kingdom and Ireland'. It is made up of representatives of the British and Irish Governments, of the devolved institutions in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.
The Council has decided as a priority to examine and develop policies for co-operation on drugs, social exclusion, the environment and transport. Other areas for discussion will include agriculture, tourism, health, education, approaches to European Union issues, links between cities, towns and local districts, sporting activity and minority and lesser-used languages.
For further information please visit the British Irish Council websiteexternal website
British-Irish Intergovernmental Conference
The British-Irish Intergovernmental Conference was designed to replace the Anglo-Irish Intergovernmental Council and the Intergovernmental Conference established under the 1985 Anglo-Irish Agreement. Its task is to promote bilateral co-operation on matters of mutual interest between the British and Irish Governments, including, in particular, issues in relation to Northern Ireland. It continues to meet on a regular basis.